My goal with Calvin, is not to just make kindness a one month thing, in December. It is to show Addison that doing kind things is good all year round! So for her birthday this year, we incorporated Calvin into it. She had two birthday parties: one at school with friends and one with friends and family. So for the school party, we decided to have her friends bring canned goods instead of presents. The day of the party, she woke up to a note from Calvin about it. Here is what the note said:

Happy {Almost} Birthday Addison,

It is almost your birthday, and since you will be getting a lot of fun new things soon, I want you to work on something nice for others. Collect canned goods from your friends and family, and take them to the food back. There are a lot of people that do mothball food to eat every night. They will be very thankful for your donation.

Love, Calvin

 We had a pizza and cupcake party after school for all of her school friends! They loved it!


We collected a few more things from other people, and then made our donation to the food bank! She told the people at the food bank that Calvin asked her to collect cans for her birthday, so explained our kindness mission! They were very proud of her for her kind act!