I always knew writing a book was a long process, but until you are knee deep in the process you don’t really understand how long it is!! Thankfully I will be self-publishing, so that takes a huge chunk of time out of the process! So here is where are in the process: 3 draft done and sent to my “editors”, second batch of illustrations have arrived, working on the cover design, and I have been invited to a local event to start promoting the book!!!! Yay for progress!! 

The support I have had so far is amazing! My husband is behind be 110%, and listens to ramble in bed about the book every night! My dad is one of my “editors” and has given me awesome feedback along the way. My BFF Ashlene, another one of my “editors” is my sounding board! She has let me bounce ideas for every part of the book off of her, and doesn’t complain about the constant questions! There are several other people who have offered support and kind words so far, and I am forever grateful for that! The best is yet to come!! I promise!!

But for the most exciting news so far, a friend of mine has an event coming up, and she offered for me to have a spot set up there to start promoting the book!!! Yay!! So we don’t have actual books at this point, but I will be designing the cover soon and will have that printed out to help promote! I’m so excited to start getting the word out!! Stay tuned for more details!

Here is where I will be set up next month, April 15 & 16! Stop by and see me!! It will be at the Southern Pines Armory!