This past week I have seen an amazing outpouring of support for the book! It has been incredible! I have friends who are sharing the info left and right, and reaching so many more people than I could reach by myself! I am so blessed to have so many wonderful friends! Here are a few of the posts that are being shared and seen on Facebook…

But even though I have had a great support this far, I will be honest with you…I am absolutely terrified that once it is published, people will be disappointed and it will be a huge failure!!!!! I firmly believe that it is Satan that is putting those thoughts in my head, because ultimately this project is glorifying God! And I need to have faith that this is in God hands!! So today, I will strive to banish the negative thoughts and focus on the good that this book will do!  

Thank you so much for the continued support on this amazing journey…the best is yet to come!!