One thing that I have loved being able to do, is being able to be creative with this entire process. My favorite part, has been creating the characters and illustrations with special meanings. Here is a sneak peek or some of those special parts! Enjoy!!

When Addison mailed a letter as one of her kind acts, she chose her Aunt Tina (a close family friend who lives in FL). Our family has a “joke” about a flamingo from several years ago, so I couldn’t think of a better character to represent her!

Addison chose  to send a Get Well card to her cousin, Zakai. He had recently fallen out of a tree and injured himself. Since he was a little boy, we have always called him “Monkey” and has always had this stuffed monkey that he sleeps with. So it was obvious what his character would be!

This character represents my grandmother, Grannie. Growing up, she had this small black poodle named Runt. Making her character an older black poodle seemed fitting.

This is a special character, as it was made to look our sweet girl, Xena. We adopted her almost 7 years ago, and she has been/is an amazing dog for our family! So including her in a scene about animal shelters seemed appropriate.

When you are the author, you have the creative freedom to name places and business after yourself! 😊

And last but not least, I had to include my all time favorite coffee shop in the book somehow!! Buggytown Coffee is somewhere I spend a lot of time at. We call it my “coffice”, and a lot of inspiration comes to me while I am there! 

 I hope you enjoyed these sneak peeks, and a little bit of the inspiration behind some of the characters!! 😊😊