This past week, my family and I went on vacation. My goal was two fold: have fun and make memories with my family AND work on spreading the word about Calvin! I think I accomplished both 😉
We went to Florida to visit family and had some adventures along the way. We swam in the ocean and in the pool (4 different ones 😎), Addie got to ride Pops motorcycle, we got to be a pirate for a day and ride a pirate ship, we ate yummy ice cream at Jaxon’s Ice Cream Parlor, Addie got to ride a horse AND she helped daddy crack crab legs! I’m exhausted just thinking about all we did! I continued to tell everyone about the book, showed people my proof copy and sold 6 more copies!! Yippee!! The best part about the trip, was getting to visit PJ Boox in Fort Myers. It is a bookstore just for self-published authors and small publishers. It was a pretty cool store and that have an awesome opportunity for those who self-publish! I talked to the owner for a long time, and not only did she give me lots of info on the store and how to get involved, she also gave me lots of info for a first time author. So if anything, I have found a great resource for info on this amazing journey of book writing! But anyways, authors are able to rent shelf space monthly and then get a hefty portion of their commissions! I will certainly be looking into this opportunity some more! Here are a few pics from the store! Go check it out at!