Good morning everyone! Hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving with your families, as we a have so much to be thankful for. As we drove to my sister-in-laws house, I began to think about life. And how crazy life is. And how we need to do this…and we need to do that. And we need more of this…and more of that. As always, my brain never shuts off and continually runs with lists and countdowns! But it is always nice to take a moment, stop and think, and Thank the Lord for everything He has provided us! We have a home and a bed to sleep in at night, we have food on our table, we have warm clothes, we have family who loves us unconditionally, we have jobs that provide for our family financially, and the list could go on and of course! But above all, we have our Lord Jesus Christ who loves us beyond reason, and will always be our side and provide for us! And for that, we should be forever grateful and thankful! With that being said, take a moment during this busy holiday season, and thank the Lord for what He has provided you and your family!